Shade House Constructions

We have been busy building shade houses lately. Moving in this direction is letting us deal with the crazy heat that we are having and overcomes the issues that we have with cabbage moths and fruit flies. This 36 square meter shade house is one I have put up at my parents house. My mother is a total green thumb so it is always interesting to see how things are going when I drop around.

The next project is to finish the 50 square meter shade house at our place. All the steel was free recycled scrap which I am running out of so I have started welding together shorter lengths to get enough to finish the project.



October Meeting

I completely forgot to post the photos from Daley’s October meeting. Daley has been experimenting in lots of different ideas including mushroom growing and raised vegetable beds. Robert also turned up and shared a huge amount of different seeds.



Jaboticaba Fruiting

Lindsay, Luke, Judie and I met Heather and Alan at the recent grafting workshop and were invited out to have a look at their amazing property. Although they mostly grow Lychee's and Mangos commercially there was a wide variety of other fruits and nuts growing around the property. The one that interested me the most was the Jaboticaba trees.

Jaboticaba are a Brazilian fruit that grow on the wood of the tree and have a very pleasant flavour. The skins however have a lot of Tannin and should not be eaten.



Rare Poultry Breeders

I met this charming lady and her equally charming pet turkey at the small landholders day in Yeppoon recently. There were a lot or rare breeds on display and some really tame pet birds that had been hand raised.

For more information contact Jane Cockerton on 0438 169 915




Mini Goat Breeders

I didn’t realise it but CQ has a miniature goat breeder. These diminutive guys get to around 60cm in height and are a lot easier to maintain then their larger cousins.

For more information check out




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