Lucas Park Meeting

Andrea and her crew hosted the August Lawn to Lunch meeting in Lucas park. This is going to be the location of Rockhampton's newest community garden and they couldn't have picked a better spot. Lucas Park is just off Musgrave st right in the middle of one of Rocky's busiest thoroughfares and is easily reached by public transport or bike to a large number of Rockhampton's residents.

The first thing you think when you look at the park from a permacultural perspective is just how perfect  a blank garden canvas it is for designing with. The park is a long rectangle running almost perfectly east-west with a bright northern exposure. Almost all of the trees are on the southern side leaving a large sunny area for raised beds.

Andrea's talk was enough to get anyone inspired about the community gardens movement and she communicated her vision of growing beyond just a park garden and starting to encompass entire streets as has been done in a lot of capital cities around the world. Growing food at a community level not only brings people closer to their food supply but also provides food for local community organization's and people struggling with costs in a economically difficult time. 

This is definitely a project that we will be continuing to follow and work with and some of our Rockhampton members have joined up to the project and hope to take part in it's establishment.

The picture on the left is the electric bike that Gwen came to the meeting on. These are becoming really popular and I hope we are going to be seeing more bikes and electrics taking over from cars for small trips around town.

Greg Rutter

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