Fiberglassed Beds

I got a break in the weather and found some time to start working on the raised hydroponic beds again. The picture on the left shows what I started with and the pictures below show the end result with the food grade fiberglass gel coat on the inside and a coating of cream solar guard paint on the outside.

These things are huge and can produce substantial quantities of plants especially if the seedlings are started separately before being moved to these large beds. They can also be integrated into the gardens aquaponic systems to make use of the nutrient waste that the fish are generating.

I have been aiming to redo these beds for a while as the plastic lining was not working well. Hopefully I will get the chance to do one more before the end of the holidays but there is a lot of rain forecast so it may have to be put on hold.

I will try and get this one moved into position soon to begin production of leafy greens and will be aiming to produce enough in variety and quantity to meet the greens requirements of my extended family within the next six months.

This bed is on a bit of a slope where it currently is and is collecting water from the recent rain that we have been having so I will have to move it to flatter land. The fiberglass is a food grade resin that is used in the manufacture of water tanks and is a long lasting material but needs to be left in the open for a couple of weeks to vent of any vapours while it cures.

A net fits over the top to keep out moths but I will also be making some home made light traps to try and thin them out during the spring while they are breeding.

 Greg Rutter

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