Geoff and Llyn’s urban adventure

Geoff and Llyn have lived on the land all their lives and have made a good living out of organic gardening and some aquaculture enterprises. After recently retiring and moving into Yeppoon the couple made the decision to continue doing what they love and luckily for us have brought their wealth of knowledge into the urban farming arena.

I dropped in to visit 3 months after the big move and am blown away by how much progress has been made in such a short amount of time. Inside the house they have been opening everything up to the light and outside Llyn has a thriving wicking bed system in place that is powering along and is already churning out more greens then they can eat. I was particularly interested in how much shade the greens were growing in and how beneficial it was for them and also the success of Llyn’s potato growing bags which produce all year round except for the very hottest summer months. 


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