Breads and Buns Part 2

Basmati bread
IMG_0116Last night as I was milling my grains, I realised I had been over-looking one key sentence in the recipe. I needed to split the rice in 2 parts to mill it. Milling it all together had made course flour, which may have affected the outcome of the bread.
You should know; I have been using short-grain brown rice as the main rice flour. Brown rice because it’s healthier, short-grain because it’s cheaper and is available in larger packages from supermarkets. If you are new to my posts you can find the best gluten-free bread recipe here

I tried using 2 small eggs with 2 XL eggs in case it was the tiny bit of extra egg making the bread dough
stickier. I have not noticed much difference in the stickiness today. IMG_0117

Quinoa Pizza base 2
I made the last blob of quinoa dough into pizza last night using chicken, bacon, a mix of tomato and BBQ sauce, 3 cheeses again and tomatoes that had been diced and sprinkled with Italian herbs and refrigerated for 2 hours (Mostly I just did not want to forget to add the herbs again) and lightly fried onion with a sprinkling of smoky paprika.
2/2 people (and one dog) agree it was delicious. The base however, had become more intense from being in the fridge longer (as Jo, from quirky cooking said would happen). The quinoa dough was 5 days old. 
This time when cooking the pizza, I placed the dough on baking paper, cutting a circle about 1cm around the dough as it was proving. I placed the whole thing straight onto the cold frying-pan and heated it for about 5 minutes. When I noticed steam on the lid, I popped it to the side, added the sauce and topping, and popped the lid back on. Yet another oven (user error) ensuring the pizza went into a cold oven… again.
I think this was a better method all-round.
IMG_0118Enough waiting, the basmati bread is calling me…
Ok it is totally delicious. I can eat it plain, but it tastes a little nicer with butter and honey… dreaming of what it would be like with vegemite… and it can bend a bit without breaking.
So basmati bread dough I am going to test you as a burger bun. I halved a regular bread ball and placed it a little flatter on the baking paper. Popped some Glad-wrap over it to prove…
IMG_0120I think I need to go shopping now for hamburger salads and meat.
Later… Shopping done, bread rolls are in the oven. I am keeping an eye on the time so they do not over-cook. Starting with 20 minutes- if the top is brown I will slide the baking paper out and give the rolls another 10.IMG_0119
The smell of fresh bread was calling me at the 30 minute mark, (at 20 mins they were still pale, this may also be partly because the oven door was open for about 1 minute as I was placing the 2nd roll in, it slid too close to the first roll) and now I can tell you, the tops are lovely and brown.
At 40 minutes both bread-rolls are out of the oven. They feel heavier than a regular bun. I have wrapped them in a tea-towel to cool.

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