Homemade Shampoo 2

I tweaked my regime and am happy with the results.

Tweek 1: wash hair in the morning so that it can air dry really well. One-3 tiny drops of coconut oil may be applied to the ends while hair is still damp.

2: Only apply coconut oil to the tips at the beginning of the day, applying at night does not give the oil time to sink into the hair before I go to sleep, consequently I woke up continuously with “Professor Snape hair- The book Snape who always had oily hair not the handsome guy played by Alan Rickman”... I have asked Honey to grow his hair like that and been refused...

3: Make good use of dry shampoo... the best recipe I have found is from http://www.instructables.com/id/homemade-dry-shampoo/step3/the-dry-shampoo-for-dark-hair-recipe/ and uses cocoa, bicarb soda and corn flour.

I usually wash my hair on day 4 now.


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