Aquaponics Trellising

I have pulled out everything that was growing at the end of Autumn and have started to prepare all the new infrastructure to hopefully have it ready by the start of spring. I did start some seeds but it has been so cold that the only seedlings that have even taken have been the climbing beans and one of the varieties of tomato. I am not worried about this as there is so much that has to be completed by spring.

I will be starting on the moving all of the aquaponics equipment into one location over the next week and have just finished putting up all the trellising which will hold the tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins when the warm weather returns. Rick gave me a large amount of heavy wire netting to put on the frames and I just need to work out how I can transfer the larger sheets home to finish the project off.

The steel was all rescued on its way to the dump so it has really only cost the price of the paint and some fencing clamps to get it all together.




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