Grafting Workshop

I attended an awesome weekend grafting course run by the Capricorn Coast Landcare group and the Capricorn Edible Plants group. The course was free with funding from the Australian Government and expertly managed by local grafting guru’s Tony Welch and Alby Wooler.

I can honestly say that I went along thinking that it would be a useful skill to learn to graft but would mainly just use the knowledge to graft a few avocado and mulberry trees. By the end of the course I had a totally different outlook and believe that I will probably graft tomato’s, egg plants and other fruit and vegetables from now on rather then just relying on chance productivity from seeds. Also there were some great tips like using root stock take from the Devils Fig which has a high resistance to wilt virus and grafting tomatoes and eggplants onto them. This also extends the life of the plant as the root stock has a much longer life span then the tomato root stock.

I really want to thank Tony and Alby and am sure that I will have years of experimenting ahead of me!


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Devils Fig

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