Quality MyCook thermalcooker... for a bargain in February

Are you tossing up about buying a thermal-cooker? The decisions between the quality you prefer and what your wallet can survive are huge. For some lucky customers, quality has never been more affordable. 

This beautiful machine has quite a following in France and Spain. Designed in France; manufactured in Spain, this little beauty is the reason that other Thermo-machines did not enjoy quite the same success in Spain that they have in other countries.
You may be sick of hearing me say it but I love my MyCook. If you are planning to buy a quality thermal cooker, with a powerful motor, high quality stainless steel, one button knead function and more... now could be the time to buy. For the month of February, a MyCook Premium could be yours for under 1K if you go here to te OzCook website.

I am not denying that there are other quality thermal cookers out there, and sometimes it can feel like its a "my cooker is better than your cooker" type world. 

Having a thermo-mixer keeps my sane on my gluten-free lifestyle. It means that I can enjoy fantastic food without the gluten or reactions my body has to eating glutenous food.  It is that simple.


  • No reverse... that does not sound like a pro I hear you say. I didn't think so myself, at first. However the softest speed actually goes so soft that I have not missed a reverse function (even making creamy risotto and corn relish). In fact mince sauce stays nice (not over-fine) without having to cook it in the rice basket (which is stainless steel, not plastic).
  • When chopping herbs; the shape of the jug (jar) ensures that the herbs stay closer to the blades. Which is perfect for making dips
  • It can mill 500g of rice in one go
  • It goes up to 120c and a one-touch sauté button that chops the onions and garlic as it cooks them at the temperature you determine. 
  • One touch knead button
  • One touch turbo/pusle button
  • Well designed lid that ensures that less splash-backs and spitting from food
  • In-built safety features such as lid can only be removed and put on when jar is in unlocked position, warm/hot food can only be cooked at speed 5 or below, to purée, press the turbo button while on sp 5 - perfect
  • Inbuilt scales
  • No electronic parts on the jar, safer in the dishwasher
  • Fantastic easy-to-use recipe book with lots of great recipes
  • Stainless steel steamer (tray and lid are plastic) which grips the jar for safety
  • Induction heating cooks food faster
  • Helpful facebook community here called Mycook Groupies.
  • There really are not that many; Scales go up in 10g increments, however I was surprised to note that this has not really made any difference to the outcome of my cooking. For times that really precise measures as with my TM, I always use a kitchen scale, otherwise volume measures are handy such as Metric Cups, Tablespoons and Teaspoons etc. 
  • Temperature measures the heat of the element rather than the heat of the food, so for rare recipes (such as yoghurt) when food temp is required, a food thermometer is handy 
  • Not suited to raw-food preparation, if that is how you eat, as the minimum temperature is 40c not 37c
Happy shopping, no matter which machine you drool after and which one ends up in your kitchen all are welcome and will continue to be welcome on this blog site and in my facebook group Thermo-Science and Mixin-Fun here.

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