Toiletries in your pantry

Honey read out to me a few nights ago about a lady in the US who lives on food stamps... apparently they do not cover toiletries (which is about as sensible as the Australian govt adding GST to some of the hygiene products it does) and it is causing her all sorts of problems such as sending kids to school clean. I cannot stop thinking about her. So I thought I would test some alternative soaps from the kitchen.

I love a milk bath but not everyone has access to a bath or the time for one. When my baby nephew was at our place a few weeks ago, I bathed him in milky water every night. It kept his skin soft and if he swallowed any bath water it was not a big drama.

How could I take the milk-bath experience to the shower? I have a huge plastic movie cup that I filled half way with water and popped a teaspoon of milk powder into...VJ's bath had UHT milk added (about a cup full)... so either is fine.

I grabbed a washer and used it to put the milky solution over me and washed it off in the shower. Not quite as relaxing as a milk-bath but at least I didn't have Professor Snape hair afterward (as I always seem to get from having a bath).

Oat bath

There are 2 ways to do this... I used oat flour (which was rolled oats blended into a powder... yes left over from the sourdough recipe) added to warm water. You can also use oats put into a cloth bag and dunk like a tea bag into the bath water.

My skin felt “squeeky” in the water as opposed to “silky” in a milk-bath. However it was relaxing and I emerged feeling very clean (I had cleaned 2 bathrooms on a hot day and was covered in sweat beforehand).

I have not yet tried taking this to a shower but I assume I will try the flour in a large cup of water thing again.


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