Paradise in Suburbia

Local Greens candidate Paul Bambrick and his lovely wife Edwina are two people I have a great deal of time and respect for. Politicians can often be accused of just “talking the talk” but this wonderful couple really do “walk the walk” as well. Allowing us into their home for the April Lawn to Lunch meeting was a treat and we got to see how they have been working to restore the damaged bushland and rebalance the natural ecology by replanting native flora over the majority of the property and planting a variety of fruit trees to add to the local sustainable food options.

It was hard to believe that this beautiful rustic home created from gorgeous sustainable materials, and the large bushland property it sits on are so close to the heart of Yeppoon nestled among ordinary run of the mill suburban dwellings. It is one of those places that you wouldn’t know existed if someone hadn’t invited you to visit.

Thank you so much Paul and Edwina for allowing us into your amazing home for the day and extending your gracious hospitality to us!


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