Tomato Trees

I love these photos I came across a plant that people were calling a tomato tree. There are lots of photos on the net of what appears to be a well trellised variety of indeterminate tomato vine. I am not sure of the particular varieties used so I ordered seeds of a few different types that people said create this kind of display and have started the seeds in my recirculating wicking beds.

The top picture shows a trellised tomato vine on display at the Epcot centre in the US and is supported by a series of steel poles like you would use with a chain link fence.  This has been an inspiration for me as I acquired a large amount of free steel poles from an old shade shelter that was being pulled down at the state school. The poles were full lengths and galvanised so there is very little rust on them. The first ones that I put up were bolted to the concrete base that supports the main crayfish tank and the fibreglass grow beds. I found however that the poles snuggly fit over the top of a star picket which is allowing me to extend the trellised area out over the other grow beds without having to concrete the bases into the ground. If I need to move them later I can unbolt the fittings and lift the poles off of the star pickets.


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