Almond Milk

Today I tried making my own almond milk, intending to see whether Honey who cannot do much cow’s milk liked almond milk and if my friend who can do almonds but found she could not do the bought stuff could tolerate it made fresh in the Thermomix.
I used Matt Stone’s recipe I tasted some, it was a bit grittier than I remembered almond milk being and had already decided to make custard from it not rice pudding… I checked the website
500g milk, 2 eggs, 30g wheat free cornflour, 50g brown sugar (website says 100g, I like to halve it) 90c speed 4, 7 minutes… delicious!
The food was in Thermie cooking when I realised I had not strained out the almond meal. Honey… if you are reading this- the pictures are just for show, you won’t find the green mug full of custard, I tossed it… now skip to next paragraph (I tossed it down my hatch).
The rest of the almond milk is draining in the fridge… I’m too lazy to stand there squeezing it all out when gravity will do a better job if I can wait a while. I am interested in seeing what I can do with the left-over almond meal.

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