Sprouting Avocado Seeds

Judie and I love avocado’s and go through a lot of them on sandwiches and in cooking and I was interested in putting in a few more avocado trees in the backyard. I checked the net and found a project that someone was doing where he sprouted seeds in glass jars by putting three toothpicks in and then filling the jars up until the water touched the bottoms of the seeds.


We tried this and put a bunch of bottles on the top of the fridge but didn’t seem to have much luck until weeks later Judie realised that a bottle hidden and the very back had a seed in it that had sprouted with a vengeance.













It appears that this was something that I really shouldn’t have tried in the cold weather as there was such a high failure rate but I will be giving it another go in late spring.

I also found that the plant had a bit of shock when transplanted to potting mix. I soaked the roots in Seasol for a while before transplant but found that the seedling didn’t take of again until I put the pot in a bucket and added 10 cm of water to the bottom to keep it nice and wet.

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