Thermie Washing Powder; mix 3

I found this recipe on The Road To Loving My Thermomix blog. The difference between this recipe and others I have see is the addition of acid and salt.

I must say I was sceptical that the salt would rust the machine and make the water “hard”. However, it is apparently handy for scrubbing power and prevents mould as well as being a natural disinfectant.

I made a 3x lot as I had almost that amount of citric acid. It had been sitting in my cupboard for a while and had stuck together so I had to destroy the carton to remove it. A quick blend in the TM and we were good to go. IMG_0792[1]

There is no dropper on my EO so I added it by the cap full, one cap for each “lot” and an extra one for good measure, basically I wasn’t sure if it was more diluted than essential oil, but it seems they are pretty much the same thing.

To get the soap fine enough, I should not have put more than 2 soap bars in at a time. The soap came out rather coarse, if it’s a problem I will re-blend it.

Some sites recommend that you leave the oil in for a few days before you use it. So I am using up my old stock, and will blog the results.

Alterations I made

I had about 2.5x citric acid what I needed for one lot of washing powder. As the TRTLMT website recommends not exceeding the 1/4 cup to 1 cup ratio of citric acid:washing powder, I added 3x everything else, however only 2x the salt… I just could not make myself do it.

The recipe also recommends the addition of one cake of Sard laundry soap for stain removal. I may try adding some Castile soap that I have left from my previous experiment to see how it goes too.

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