Testing the Grain Mill

We did the first test run of the grain mill tonight attached to the drill press motor. I am not 100% happy with the results but it is very functional. A couple of things are still problematic, first the mill is turning at 2 times per second which is twice what is recommended as the optimal operating speed. Secondly when you switch the motor on it is necessary to give the flywheel a quick nudge to get the momentum going. This is not really an issue except I would like to put a safety shroud over the flywheel and belt which would mean that I would not be able to give it a push start. Both of these problems would probably disappear if I could change one of the pulley sizes to halve the speed.

We filled half a 4 gallon bucket on the first run which is probably as much as I would do on any single run as it was necessary to allow the motor to cool down. This setup will do fine for the amount of grain that we need to mill but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for pullies and motors that I can scrounge that might be better suited for the job.

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