Watts Clever

I just received a set of these "Watts Clever" plugs that were ordered of eBay seller benjeroo610.

At $33 for the set I think they are a great idea. You can add one of the sockets to each of your energy hungry devices or power boards and then turn them all on or off with a remote control.

The really great thing about the remote is that it operates with a radio frequency rather than using infrared so it will work around your entire house. After I ordered this I saw Mitre 10 selling something similar but I haven't tried their one.

I stumbled onto this unit when I was looking for a way to turn on water pumps for the Aquaponics system using a microcontroller (Netduino) as a smart timer. I didn't want to play around with 240 volt switching but all of the mains power switches that could be controlled using low voltages were built for American 120 volt appliances.

The WC device works on a common frequency that is simple to make use of to allow a program to remotely control mains power outlets.

Greg Rutter

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