When we first setup the old L2L site, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to add a poll to find out what was driving people to take a greater interest in self sufficiency and food gardening.

When I talk to people everyone seems to have a different reason for catching the grow it yourself bug whether it be to cut down on the grocery bills or bring their street closer together with a community garden on their verge etc.

The problem was that there are so many good reasons to get involve and they all make sense! Well I made one big mistake with the old poll which was to add a final option at the end for "All of the above" and surprise, surprise everyone ticked that leaving us all non the wiser as to what really is driving this new urban food movement.

So now we have given the L2L digital stomping ground a face lift and moved it to Blogger to make it easier to adopt a readable magazine format I thought we might have another go.

At the bottom of the page I have added the poll again with no "all of the above" item. You can select multiple items but if you just pick the ones that are closest to your heart we might start to get a true picture of the issues that people are most interested in!

Greg Rutter

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