Mt Verpoovius

This is what 10 cubic meters of cow poo looks like. This load was split between a few people but I later put the same amount again onto the lawn to try and build some life into the sterile suburban ground that I started with. The pile became lovingly known to my neighbours as Mt Verpoovius.

Make sure that when you are having your mountain of poo delivered that you place it downwind of your neighbours. I though it was quite a pleasant earthy smell but not everyone has such cultured tastes.

I also added about 100 hay bales which were cheaply available from a farmer near where I live and several trailer loads of free, shovel it yourself, horse manure from the Yeppoon racecourse.

The ground in the orchid area has gone from being rock hard to having a really organic spongy feel to it.

I have been letting the grass grow high and then slashing it down and the volume of material in the soil has increased substantially.

 Greg Rutter

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