When we first started Lawn to Lunch a couple of years ago Gwen and I tried to get the domain name but unfortunately were not able to as it had already been taken by someone else who wasn’t making use of it at the time.

A month ago I started receiving emails from a number of different people saying that the domain name was becoming available and enquiring as to whether I wanted to buy it. I ignored all the emails as they were asking too much for it.

I stopped receiving these emails a few days ago so I checked the availability status of the domain and found that the previous owners had let it laps so I registered it for the group. I still need to redirect it to the new Blogger account but once done visitors will be able to find the link through the .ORG and .COM domains.

I am really glad that we got this name as I always have to stress to people that it is .org when they ask the address and then hope they remember as most people find it unusual.

Greg R

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