Kitchen Barn Door

My sisters husband Andrew has been visiting most weekends with the kids and helping me get a lot of work done in the house and yard. It is so much easier to do a lot of heavy or fiddly jobs with another person around to help.

One of the things that we are trying to do is make modifications to channel the dogs into certain areas and leave the rest of the house as a people and cat zone only. Sheppy tracks a lot of dirt into the house and he is so much bigger than the children that he keeps accidentally injuring them when he tries to play.

We are using toddler gates in some places to block access but on the weekend Andrew made the suggestion that we cut the dividing door in two and make a swinging stable gate.

This seemed like a great idea as it separates the sections but also lets the dogs still see people and feel part of what is happening. I spend most of my time when I am at home with them or in the yard working on the garden so they don't feel too left out.

The bottom half of the door kept the original hinges and door handle and Andrew added magnetic latches, new hinges and handles to the top half. It all came  together really well.

It needs a coat of paint now and we were going to do the same cream as the rest of the house but I have been thinking that it could look really good with a warm feature colour.

Greg R

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