Home-made toothpaste

When I was a teenager, I read that bicarb soda whitens teeth. I tried it in lieu of toothpaste and the phase did not last for long. My gums and tastebuds sighed in relief when I went back to regular colgate and I laughed when I heard people were making their own toothpaste.

Recently, however I read of many of the nasties in our store-bought paste and realised why it was a handy substitute for jif. I started buying nasty-free paste but at $15 a pop wondered if there was something more economical... To my surprise there were heaps of recipes out there and it was not just bicarb soda and water to make a paste but other ingredients in particular, coconut oil that caught my eye.

I liked the way the nasty-free paste made my mouth feel and the fact that I could clean my teeth and the peppermint would not “wake me” and prevent me falling into a blissful slumber at night. My teeth felt like the food just slid right off, it was fantastic.

IMG_0584[1]Still unsure about the bicarb... Today when Honey said politely that my morning breath was offensive (funny how I tolerate his more than he tolerates mine) I dipped my brush in coconut oil and bicarb soda and went to brushing. The coconut oil protected my teeth and the Bicarb soda got them clean. They had a nice silky smooth finish that protected my teeth during the day from food “sticking on”. I liked it so much I had to pop some on after cleaning my teeth with regular toothpaste this evening. My teeth felt chalky, now they feel silky.IMG_0580[1]

From reading all the recipes out there when I “cook my paste” tomorrow... I have decided on bicarb soda, hydrogen peroxide (maybe some salt for nutrients and because I want to pummel it with our mini mortar and pestle) and coconut oil...

Paste made, teeth cleaned.

I used about a heaped tbs of bicarb, half a tsp of pink salt, 5 tbs of coconut oil and a dash of hydrogen peroxide.

I ground the salt added the bicarb and stirred. Added the Hydrogen peroxide stirred again. It was a bit runny so IMG_0585[1]added more bicarb. Flipped the paste into a glass. Added 3 tbs oil. Stirred liked the consistency but thought it might be a bit strong tasting so added more oil. Stirred it again and tipped the “paste” which was runny into an old vitamins jar (I needed something that blocks the sunlight as the hydrogen peroxide would turn to water.

I dipped my brush, popped my tongue firmly on the roof of my mouth and brushed.

The paste does not foam up like regular toothpaste does as there is no detergent in it. My saliva however mixed with the paste and by the time I was done there was not a “yucky” taste in my mouth. When I get some peppermint oil I will add a few drops to see if I like it.


I used Peppermint Essence in the toothpaste, and it improved the taste. Adding Peppermint Essence to water also made a good nasties free mouth wash. Keeping it near my rosewater however was a mistake, as I accidently picked it up one night mistaking it for toner- covered my face… LOL life as me.   


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