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My IT teacher at tafe, says that “real IT people” use the search function rather than the mouse for finding things… if one applies this to “real” menstrual cup bloggers… I think that would be that you have some cups with holes in them sent to you by a company. This happened for me this week. I was very excited after sending a few emails to some cup companies to receive emails back with the promise of sample cups with instructions. I should add here, I have not been paid by any Menstrual cup companies to promote their products, nor will I receive any money if you chose to buy one of their products. I simply write my experiences with their product and their company… and show them to my friends who are interested.

selene So the first cups that have arrived are the Lunettes in the small and large sizes. I have been drooling over a index Lunette for a while now, possibly because they come in pretty colours… in particular the Selene or her Roman name is Luna (blue) and the Cynthia(purple).

The word Luna has a lot of good memories for me. A little girl I used to nanny loved the moon, I told her that in Spanish “she” was called Luna, so every time she saw the moon, she would say… “There’s Luna, she’s my friend” night or day she loved the moon. Luna Lovegood happens to be one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter I love that she looks for the good in people and is a bit of a dreamer.

20100906183439!Artemis Cynthia is another name for Artemis, a goddess in Greek mythology. In the Percy Jackson series, Thalia, one of her hunters, was one of my favourite characters although I had been pronouncing her name incorrectly in my head. cynthia2

I liked Artemis as she liked to protect people, (I like that this cup- protects me) and her relationship with her twin brother added some witty lines to the story.

Now the question is; do I prefer a blue cup or a purple, as I am sure that either will make me often think of my favourite stories, we can all use a little escapism.

First time cup users

I recommend both Lunettes as a first time cup, the Lunette is an outstanding cup (In my grading system). Both cups fold nicely into a punch-down (which is my favourite fold) and the and both open up comfortably first time upon insertion. Neither are difficult to remove, however the smaller is slightly more comfortable in the removal process. This is the Australian website for Lunette, and they have deals as well… 

Compared to other cups, I like that the stem is not hollow, this will help it to be easier to clean. I like that there  are grippers on the stem (even though I cut my stems off the cups I use). There are practical grips on at the bottom of the cup, to help with removal. The smaller cup is slightly softer than the larger cup and the rim at the top of both cups is not too thick.

There is a distributer in Australia and they had my order here in under a week (even with public holidays).

You all know… I love deals.


In the mail arrived my JuJu sample just in time. It was a nice surprise for it to arrive when I was home. A few weeks ago, I wrote to JuJu and told them that I loved their product, I write a blog and have been showing interested ladies my cups. I also mentioned that I was excited to read of their partnership with Days for Girls and asked if they might have a B-grade sample of the small JuJu as the larger one was a little “intimidating” to some of the girls I was showing my cups to. JuJu went above and beyond my expectations. www-clothpads-org_juju02

Firstly the package was large… that was because there were 2 cups in there… perfect in their boxes along with an extra bag so that I could show the JuJu in all her glory to those who want to meet her… and no holes punched in the side (just air holes).

This was the answer to a question I had been pondering all weekend… What do I do if someone wants to see my cups and I am on my period? Do I wear a tampon??? How about a softcup? Now I don’t need to worry as I have 2 JuJu model 1s so I can just wear one and show the other.

I was keen to see if the JuJu model 2 (smaller) was more user friendly… and ladies she is awesome! JuJu is an Outstanding in my grading system. JuJu model 2 may well be an Outstanding +.

I have a problem with “shrinkage” in that on my light days its kind of hard to get my cup up in there, but I have no issues any other time of the month and I am not sure of the science behind it... In fact this little clip always makes me laugh at the dilemma

The small JuJu on my light days was like a dream. She worked perfectly and was very comfortable. Opens perfectly every time and fairly easy to remove. I could definitely recommend this cup to teenagers and young ladies as well. It has a slightly higher learning curve than the Lunette (a bit harder to remove) but you could certainly use it as a first cup and the website has some fantastic tips.


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