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Walk_lightlyThere is a new cup company in the USA called Sckoon…… as they are just getting started, they have some specials going. For those who love the colour variety of the MeLuna but those who have trepidations about the TPE as opposed to the tried and tested silicone… this could be the cup for you. I am totally drooling and to be honest I am not sure how many more haircuts I can skip to feed my MC “habit” because I certainly have not started “saving” in the way most other cup users have saved… what else can I say I am a martyr for science. 

yhst-50313101044085_2269_647929560 Love the bell shape and apparently they are rather nice and soft. They are very pretty with the flower and practical with the grippers.

Also available from this site is the Lunette cup at a discount which also has very good reviews. The Lunette, is one of 3 silicone cups approved in Australia. I also like the way they have named the colours after Greek and Roman goddesses… a little fun.

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