Toiletries in your pantry continued

Yes I am still doing the nopoo, and I love it. I wash my hair usually once a week, and touch it up with dry “shampoo” on days it looks a little oily... It was hard to believe in the first fortnight that I would one day be brushing my hair no more often than before I began the change. That eventually a finger comb would usually be enough and my hair would once again get compliments for length and bounce. But now it does. In fact I attended a wedding this week and all I did to my hair was a morning wash, 1 drop of coconut oil on the tips and brush it before I left and it was shiny and cooperative.

Baking soda as soap... it felt nice in the shower, using the watery baking soda solution (which I use for cleaning my basin and hair) as soap, but I do not recommend it unless you are desperate, as after the shower was over I was quite sticky and sweaty within 2 hours, soap however, is a mild antiperspirant and deodorant. I certainly missed those qualities that day. But perhaps that is a mark in its favour health-wise... There really is so many things one should avoid these days.

IMG_0674[1]I finally sourced some sauce bottles that my cousin recommended for storing the nopoo in. I must say the squeeze bottles really help direct the solutions and keep it from getting in my eyes as much. It also stretches the solution further so that there is less waste. I am getting 3-4 washes out of about a 1.5 cup solution whereas popping it in a cup was 1 cup per wash. It took a few months of looking, but I found some at the local baking gadgets store in Keppel Bay Plaza. After that like a day later, there they were in dollars and sense- with lids. I tell myself I got better quality... lol. So the mustard bottle is what I put my “shampoo” into and the tomato sauce bottle is for the “conditioner” as it is red and the red-wine vinegar solution is redish. The small one is what I keep handy for washing things on the basin.

Home-made deodorant

I put half and half baking soda and corn flour in a small sauce bottle and squeeze some out and dab onto the areas I usually put antiperspirant on to. In the CQ heat, it is not effective for summer days, but rainy days and summer nights after a shower it is quite good, though a little messy. If stuck; it may work better if you re-apply it a few times during the day.



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